Goal Views

Our goal is to help put you in control of your finances and financial system to whatever extent you require and/or is necessary for you to run your business in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Many small business owners get into business to pursue their passion – to live the dream of doing what they love each and every day. What tends to catch many by surprise is how much more they are expected to handle in the course of a normal day. Some of the more common issues each small business owner deals with apart from regular interactions with customers and suppliers are: financial, banking, personnel, regulatory, and a host of others that continually crop up.

A key area for every small business if financial

Considered a necessary evil by many, it goes far beyond basic bookkeeping and filing taxes (HST, Income taxes, etc). When done properly it helps the small business owner plan and prepare for (among other things):

Getting through rough periods when cash flow becomes an issue

Growing the business

Keeping more of your hard-earned money while meeting all financial obligations

….and so much more!

Why is it then, that so many people ignore their finances beyond the basics

Very many (qualified) accountants expertise are under-utilized because far too many of their clients use their services for just these basics. What if you could handle the bulk of these basics in-house, utilizing resources you likely already have, with the added benefit of having (as well as) understanding the financial health of your business in an on-going and timely manner? Does it not make sense to use your accountant to help you move your business forward instead of having them work on mostly routine stuff?

This is where we come in

We are very experienced in the day-to-day challenges of running a small business. We can help you set up a financial system best suited to your needs (…and/or troubleshoot as required), as well as train your staff how to properly use it. We help you decide on relevant reports you need to obtain and review on a regular basis, and help you understand what the numbers are telling you about your business. This information allows you to take corrective action as needed, in a timely and effective manner.

Now imagine the new conversations you could be having with your accountant.

Having a good understanding of the financial health of your business, you can now discuss tax strategies, succession strategies, strategies for growing or selling your business, etc. with him/her. These discussions are far more fun and interesting, better utilizes the valuable expertise your accountant brings to the table, and most certainly gets you much better value for your money.